10 Creative Engagement Photo Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

10 Creative Engagement Photo Ideas That Will Make You Look Like a Pro

For many couples, engagement photos are a time to get creative and capture the essence of their relationship. After all, engagement photos are more than just a photo of you and your partner’s faces — they’re a reflection of your relationship. There are tons of creative ways to take your engagement photos that will make them memorable, and truly reflect your relationship.

Engagement photos are a great opportunity to have some fun and show off your personality. With so many different ways to take photos, it can be hard to put together a cohesive set. For this post, I wanted to share 10 of my favorite engagement photo ideas that I’ve used with my clients over the years.

Be Funny And Playful!

Whether you’re engaged, newly dating, or you have a long-term partner, you can show some fun and goofiness in your engagement photos. It’s okay if your photos aren’t perfect. That’s why you have wedding photographers!

Use props like bananas or drink stirrers and capture some silly photos to make you look like a cute couple. These photos above are all examples of cute, offbeat engagement photo ideas. With all of the hype around engagement photos, it’s important to get creative, and just let loose a bit.

These aren’t staged — they’re actual candid moments you had during a shoot. My client Melissa laughed hysterically as I took these photos. The focus is definitely on the bride and not the photographer.

Take A Picture In A Place That Means Something To You And Your Partner

If you and your partner can agree on a place to get engaged that means something to you, and that means a lot to your partner, it can be a fun way to showcase what’s important to both of you. For example, if you both like nature, or you live in a scenic area, or if your future home is on a mountain top, it could be the perfect place to get engaged.

An engagement photo with your partner is almost as important as a photo of your significant other to capture the moment. In some ways, getting them to pretend to get engaged is more meaningful than a real engagement photo. You are highlighting what they mean to you, and how important they are to you.

Capture Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is one of the biggest pieces of your personality that you can share with the world, so why not show it off through your engagement photos?

Outdoor Weddings Weddings are a great opportunity to have fun and express your personality. Show the world that you and your partner can’t get enough of each other!

If your significant other has a favorite love song, maybe you can find a way to incorporate it into your engagement photos. Finding love through creativity might seem weird, but it’s definitely a fun, unconventional way to find your person!

Show the world your family! Bring your friends and family together for an exciting night to capture your love story.

Over-the-shoulder Shot

This is a really fun, goofy, candid shot, but it’s also great for showing off some personality and getting some great angles. Getting in close to your significant other is not your only option!

Put your legs together and make them hug each other. If you’re not quite ready to hug, the angle of this shot will show your body and legs in a fun way. Either way, you’ll get in a great, close-up shot!

If you’re interested in making these photos into something more than just photos, but still want to print them out and have them framed, this is a great option. Instead of just printing these pictures out at your local printer, make sure to look for a creative photo paper.

On A Bench

This is one of my favorite photo ideas. Set up on a scenic spot and take a few photos with your significant other on a bench. When you’re feeling creative, you can try changing up the lighting to make it more dramatic or play with the angles.

Don’t forget to show off your city where you took these photos! I wanted to take photos with a nod to “the ’80s.” The idea of taking a picture with your significant other on top of the world was too cool to pass up.

Get out of Manhattan and take a photo of you on top of a famous landmark. It doesn’t have to be the Statue of Liberty. The main idea is to add a twist to your engagement photos, and this one works!

Roadside Picnic

The best engagement photo ideas are ones that show your fun side. This is why a road trip to Disneyland is a perfect backdrop for an engagement photo shoot. You can capture some sweet pictures of you and your partner having some fun on the ride or even jumping out and taking photos along the way.

By the time you’ve completed the trip, you’ll have some great pictures of you and your partner (and maybe even some of the Disney characters that you’ll see along the way). Get outfitted for a camping trip.

If you don’t know how to properly set up a tent, hire a professional to help you out. It may seem intimidating at first, but it’s well worth the money and time spent to capture the photos you want to show off. Any water activity is a great place to take your engagement photos.


What better way to commemorate your engagement than with a photo of you standing in front of a beautiful city skyline.

Take a photo of you and your partner in front of your couch, or maybe your fireplace. Think of the things you and your partner do in your living room together — cook, watch TV, go for a walk. These photos should be cute, thoughtful, and show who you are as a couple.

No one will be surprised that the photo below is a shot of my husband and me standing in front of a homemade sign that says, “Honeymoon Condo.” Sunset Possibly the most romantic way to get engaged is to propose at sunset. Since sunset typically lasts for about 4-5 hours, this is your window.

Go On A Trip

You don’t have to travel a long way to take engagement photos. I’ve taken some incredible engagement photos by visiting local parks or beaches. You can even take engagement photos on your honeymoon if you’re planning a big trip after the wedding.

If you have to work with natural light, it can be tricky. However, if you are able to do so, it can be the best way to take your engagement photos. There are so many opportunities for great engagement photo shots in nature.

I like taking engagement photos in my studio so I can create some striking light effects, but for larger families, or if you’re having multiple engagements, you can get away with taking your engagement photos outside.

Go Retro With Vintage Engagement Photos

Many couples choose to choose vintage engagement photos as a means to express their love and to show off their unique style. Whether it’s an old-fashioned-looking engagement photo, or just a cool candid, retro photos are often preferred for a natural, relaxed feel.

Here’s an example of a beautiful photo taken from a vintage engagement shoot. My client was inspired by Jules Verne’s novel “Around the World in Eighty Days” and wanted the photo to look as if the couple had traveled to that very country together.

Even though my client chose an unconventional engagement photo, it really worked for them! This is one of my favorite vintage engagement photos because it shows the couple embracing each other in the most romantic way possible!

Mix Things Up with Candid Photos

Perhaps the most popular engagement photo format out there, photos with people captured in a candid style really stand out. You don’t need to stick to group shots, either, as many couples prefer their photos to be mostly solo shots.

This creative couple wanted their engagement photos to be more than a traditional engagement session, so they opted to get super-close with one another for the shoot. Their personal photos are beautiful, and I love how they show off how much their personalities are alike.